In Tudor Grange Academies Trust we have an aligned curriculum and pupils in all of our schools sit the same assessments as one another.  Curriculum alignment ensures that our children have an equitable experience: everybody, in every school, benefits from a curriculum that has been designed collaboratively with input and insight from teachers across the Trust.  Curriculum alignment also increases the number of opportunities we have for teachers in one school to give and receive support from their teammates in other schools.  Sharing resources, expertise and experiences helps all of us improve, and enables us to give the children in our Trust the best possible experience. 

On this webpage you will find links to information about the principles underpinning our curriculum design: both the ways in which we identify and approach the fundamental knowledge that we seek for all children, and the ways in which we ensure those children have a broad and deep curriculum experience.  You will also find information about the principles that underline our approach to formative assessment, or responsive teaching, as well as our approach to summative assessments and the resultant data.   

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