School to school support within Tudor Grange Academy Trust

At Tudor Grange Trust we believe that fostering a culture of achievement for our learners involves three key principles: clarity of thought; an unwavering belief that every individual within our learning community can achieve to the best of their ability (regardless of location, prior attainment and background) and a passion for ensuring each of those individuals are always engaged in high quality, valuable learning experiences. We fundamentally believe that everyone within our community has the capability to be a successful, life-long learner and this includes both students and colleagues from all of our academies. High quality, valuable learning experiences are offered to both the young people we teach and the invaluable staff who effect that learning. These principles underpin all support work carried out by the Trust Advisory Team.

Meet the Team

Executive Principals

Within the Trust we offer support at the highest level of leadership, we use this as a means of securing sustainable improvement whilst sharing best practice in schools. We pride ourselves on strong succession planning, we use this as a means of securing sustainable improvement in schools, developing future leaders for our own schools and for the wider school system.

Associate Principals

Associate Principals within the Trust are Principals in waiting. They are contracted to the Trust and so can be deployed to any Academy they are assigned to by mutual agreement. As an Associate Principal they deputise for Principals within the Trust and can manage some of the strategic responsibilities for the Principal, reducing the burden of school leadership to a manageable portfolio.

Education Advisory Team

Within Tudor Grange Academy Trust there are Education Advisors supporting the raising of standards in each of the core subjects. The role is designed to be flexible so that bespoke support can be tailored to meet the varying requirements of the secondary academies within the Trust. In addition to the bespoke support offered a number of consistent support practices are carried out.

Trust Lead Practitioners

The Trust augmented the Education Advisory team in 2016 to include Trust Lead Practitioners who are staff based within schools in the Trust. They have been seconded to carry out directed school to school support projects.

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