Assessment and Disciplined Innovators 

Assessment and disciplined innovators co-ordinate the development of assessment and curriculum in secondary subjects 

Subject Lead Base school 
Art Claire Mills Worcester 
Business and economics Adam Burrows Worcester 
Dance Marie Routledge Robert Smyth 
Drama Rachel Allaway Worcester 
DT Rebecca Jones Worcester 
English Farida Mili Solihull 
Food Caroline Selwood Worcester 
Geography Adam Folbigg Redditch 
Health sciences Jen Saunders Samworth 
History Lucie O’Brien and Nathan Whyte Worcester; Kingshurst 
Maths Nancy Grealey Worcester 
Media studies Laura Bradwell Solihull 
MFL: co-ordination Georgina Jackson Solihull 
MFL: French Eleanor Morris Solihull 
MFL: German Joanna Hadfield Robert Smyth 
MFL: Spanish Maria Camacho Mingorance Solihull 
Music Kate HarperWorcester
PE Matthew Barnes Worcester 
RE Louie Mortimer Solihull 
Science: biology Steve Lawrence Worcester 
Science: chemistry Ibrahim Mukaddam Samworth 
Science: physics Beth Marson Worcester 
Social sciences Abby Gardner-Beddoes Solihull 
STEPS and citizenship Charlotte Mackie Worcester 

Primary subject leads 

Primary subject leads co-ordinate the development of the curriculum in primary subjects and deliver training on subject-specific pedagogy. 

Subject Lead Base school 
Art Claire Mills and Dan Page Worcester; Robert Smyth 
Computing Laura Hodges Meon Vale 
Design Rebecca Jones Worcester 
Geography Eleanor Grierson Kingshurst 
History Lucie O’Brien and Nathan Whyte Worcester; Kingshurst 
MFL Maria Di Risio Worcester 
Music Rachael HamptonSt James
PE Joseph Grange Perdiswell 
PSHE Holly Lynch Meon Vale 
Science Jo Luckhurst St James 

Disciplined innovators 

Disciplined innovators conduct primary and secondary research in particular areas, with the aim of developing and disseminating effective practice 

Name Subject Base school 
Caroline Albanese Early years mathematics St James 
Helena Bithell Decoding Worcester 
Andy Cox English remote learning Solihull 
Kirsty Lewis Parental engagement and recognition of reading St James 
Ani O’Connor KS3 science Worcester 
Katie Rule Science remote learning Worcester 

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