Estate and Facilities Management across our Academies

TG Facilities manage the delivery of the estate strategy, ensuring students, staff and visitors have access to fit-for-purpose, safe and compliant environments.

In 2016, TG Facilities made the decision to implement an outsourced FM solution. This afforded us immediate access to a full spectrum of accredited, highly skilled, multi-disciplinary engineers and tradespeople, allowing our Academy leaders to focus on teaching, learning and curriculum delivery, supporting the Trust’s strategic aims.

Summary benefits:

  • Centralisation of services and delivery teams
  • Consistent approach with standardised services and performance measures
  • Trust’s strategic objectives at the heart of decision making
  • Best value efficiencies
  • Easy to onboard new academies

Note: Statistics based on 2019 figures

Bellrock – Our Partner of Choice

TG Facilities has selected Bellrock as our strategic Total Facilities Management partner.

Working alongside the Trust, Bellrock has developed a bespoke Total Facilities Management solution that places the Trust’s aims at the heart of the delivery approach. The Trust uses Bellrock to deliver the following services:

These services are managed closely to achieve high standards of quality, timeliness and cost efficiency. This has required a strong management team, maintaining close control over all activities across the Trust’s estate.

The Bellrock management team are dedicated to continuous improvement and facilitate strategic interventions and improvement plans to identify and implement opportunities to improve performance and mitigate risk across the estate. This is supported by regular, transparent reporting to the Trust.

TG Academies can access and interface with these services using Bellrock’s in-house software system, Concerto. This provides our site staff and leadership team with a single web-based platform for real-time access to asset, property and project information as well as compliance reporting.

The system also provides full audit trails for all jobs raised, providing granular details incorporating documentation, photographs, certification and invoices.

Academies that require reactive support can request a callout using the website, a mobile phone app or using the 24/7/365 helpdesk, supporting phone and email contact.

Technical Support and Project Management

Since 2015, Bellrock have managed the delivery of over 9m of capital works projects to time and budget including:

New build project, Solihull

Overview: The construction of a two-storey English and Media Studies building housing 14 classrooms.

Highlights: Underfloor heating, natural ventilation systems and environmental controls

Outcome: Completed on time and in budget.

Classroom Refurbishment, Solihull

Overview: Converting fabric, flooring and ceilings of 3 classrooms into 5 fit for purpose science classrooms.

Highlights: Specialist scientific furniture, specifications to meet legislative requirements with half of the work delivered during term time.

Outcome: No interruption to school curriculum despite 50% of the project being delivered in term time due to the complexity.

Building Conversion, Redditch

Overview: The conversion of old metal work and woodworking areas into a state of art facility for students with complex learning difficulties including autism.

Highlights: Complete refurbishment

Outcome: Completed on time and in budget

Demolition and Refurbishment, Robert Smyth

Overview: The demolition of temporary buildings, the creation of extended external break areas and the refurbishment of changing rooms and a dance studio.

Highlights: High spec dance studio flooring identical to that installed at the Sydney Opera House.

Outcome: Spaces supporting physical activity were created and improved.

Find out more

To learn more about Bellrock and their service capability, visit

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