As at 1 September 2023

8342 pupils

As at 1 September 2023

22.6% FSM

As at 1 September 2023

431 support staff

As at 1 September 2023

13 academies

As at 1 September 2023

10.5% EAL

As at 1 September 2023

In our People Survey (March 2023), 89% of our staff wish to remain working for the Trust for at least 1 year

As at 1 September 2023

16.2% SEND

As at 1 September 2023

555 teachers

Mrs Claire Maclean

Executive Principal/CEO

You don’t get harmony if everyone sings the same note.

Our vision

Tudor Grange Academies Trust is a family of academies with a shared ethos, common values and collective goals. We are working together in a model of meaningful, focused collaboration to achieve excellence in our schools.

We are driven by four key values:

  • Our children will live ‘Happy, fulfilling lives’
  • Outstanding teaching and learning is our core focus
  • Outstanding Governance supports our schools
  • Leadership and professionalism drives continuous improvement

Tudor Grange Academy in Solihull has always been a Beacon of excellence. Its focus on continuous improvement and belief that high quality teaching and learning is at the core of great schools has ensured that it has maintained its outstanding provision year on year.

Having secured outstanding provision for the students in their care, the Governors of Tudor Grange School, as it was, developed a mission: to deliver an outstanding education for every child, not just the children within their school. They supported staff within Tudor Grange to engage fully in a wide range of national and international partnerships focussed on improving provision in schools. The Academies programme then provided an opportunity for them to sponsor a school in challenging circumstances, taking full responsibility for the quality of this provision and therefore potentially enabling them to realise their mission.

In September 2009 Tudor Grange School, Solihull sponsored Tudor Grange Academy Worcester (TGAW). In November 2013 TGAW was graded ‘Good’ for overall effectiveness and ‘Outstanding’ for leadership and management and behaviour and safety; the school is now oversubscribed and the school of choice within its local community. This partnership provided a blueprint for Tudor Grange Academies Trust, (‘TGAT’ or the ‘Trust’), the Governors recognising how much Tudor Grange Academy Solihull had achieved but also learnt and benefitted through this process.

The success of the sponsorship of the Tudor Grange Academy, Worcester and the recognition of what school to school collaboration in a long lasting and hard relationship could achieve, gave rise to the vision for Tudor Grange Academies Trust: a group working together in a model of meaningful, focused collaboration to achieve excellence in their schools.

The Trust, as at September 2023, is a Trust of thirteen schools: five secondary, one all through academy and seven primary academies. The core strategic vision of the Trust is to develop a Multi Academy Trust of four self-sufficient geographical hubs: Solihull, Worcestershire, Warwickshire and the East Midlands. All schools will be located within one hours travelling distance from Solihull, and we will aim to establish groups of primary feeder schools around the secondary academies so that we exploit the benefits of a model for school to school partnership as in the model we established through the relationship between Tudor Grange Primary Academy, St James and Tudor Grange Academy, Solihull.

Our core values underpin the strategic vision for the Trust: we aim to be a top performing MAT and an employer of choice. We are confident that we know what is important and our sharp focus on what we consider to be critical will ensure we become the provider of choice in the communities we serve:


Our values inform key performance indicators; we constantly look at how close we are to achieving our vision. Maintaining a focus on what we consider to be important drives critical conversations, informed by the views of all our stakeholders and all the information we have about our schools. Restlessness characterises all our academies: we are not afraid to challenge complacency and weaknesses identified are seen as opportunities to improve, the energy and drive for the ceaseless journey comes from our mission: ‘To deliver an outstanding education.’