The School Improvement Board (SIB) is a team of educational advisers employed directly by the Trust to facilitate school improvement work.  They are experienced and expert in their field, engaged with the current research and evidence, and able to share their knowledge and skill with schools.  

In the short term, these advisers work with schools to improve the quality of their provision.  SIB has the expertise and experience to lead CPDL activities at any scale, from supporting groups of schools to leading one-to-one coaching for individual leaders and teachers.  SIB is also able to perform diagnostic observations and reviews to help schools identify specific areas for improvement. 

In the long term, our advisers aim to increase the capacity for schools to run their own school improvement projects, through supervision and support of leaders at all levels. 

SIB is also able to support with governance functions, challenging and supporting schools so that leaders can be confident they have an accurate insight into the quality of education and leadership in their schools. 

There are over 20 advisers with days dedicated to school improvement work who, between them, specialise in all aspects of strategic leadership and a range of subjects, including English, maths, science and whole-school reading.  These dedicated days mean they have capacity to support schools intensively and ensure they have a comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge of their areas of practice, informed by substantive theoretical research, many observations of practice in a variety of contexts, conversations with expert colleagues in numerous schools, and experiences of multiple Ofsted inspections.   These advisers are supported by our Assessment and Innovation Team, which comprises over 50 teachers from schools across the Trust, ensuring the central team has specialist expertise from every subject and every phase of education. 

For more information on our advisers and the work of SIB, please click on the links below

Pedagogical Advisers

Pedagogical advisers are expert teachers and middle leaders who are able to coach and lead CPDL for teachers or middle leaders.  They specialise in pedagogical content knowledge, and are able to adapt generic teaching strategies to meet the needs of specific subjects. 

Curriculum Advisers

Curriculum advisers supplement the expertise of pedagogical advisers with extensive experience in leading successful departments.  As such, they are able to support leaders of large departments in addition to coaching staff, or perform diagnostic reviews of departments.  They are also able to lead school-wide projects in their areas of expertise. 

Leadership Advisers

Leadership advisers are expert in one or more strategic areas, having successfully led these areas within schools.  In addition to the work performed by curriculum advisers, they are able to coach or supervise senior leaders, or support improvement projects in their areas of expertise for individuals, departments, key groups of colleagues, or for one or more whole-schools.  Leadership advisers are adept at a variety of governance and diagnostic work at all levels.   

Assessment and Innovation Team

The Assessment and Innovation Team comprises specialists from every subject and phase in the Trust.  This team leads Trust-wide work, ensuring all colleagues benefit from being part of large, collaborative teams.  Members of this team typically only work within Trust schools but are able to support our advisors’ work in other schools where required.     

Working with schools in the short term

SIB supports schools inside and outside the Trust on bespoke projects identified by school leadership teams. SIB has experience on delivering on variety of projects from coaching high-potential ECF teachers, running a deep dive in a department to help it identify the next steps for improvement, providing supervision for a new senior leader, and providing whole school CPDL.  SIB will always work collaboratively with schools, listening carefully to what leaders want to achieve and planning projects that achieve those goals. 

Working with schools in the long term

Our Trust schools, and schools that are closely partnered with the Trust, benefit from an ongoing programme of support based around a school improvement cycle of comprehensive governance activity followed by responsive and bespoke developmental work. 

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